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Inside Jobs

Why Insider Risk Is the Biggest Cyber Threat You Can't Ignore

Foreword by George Kurtz

From data security company Code42, Inside Jobs offers companies of all sizes a new way to secure today’s collaborative cultures—one that works without compromising sensitive company data or slowing business down. Authors Joe Payne, Jadee Hanson, and Mark Wojtasiak, seasoned veterans in the cybersecurity space, provide a top-down and bottom-up picture of the rewards and perils involved in running and securing organizations focused on rapid, iterative, and collaborative innovation.

Modern day data security can no longer be accomplished by “Big Brother” forms of monitoring or traditional prevention solutions that rely solely on classification and blocking systems. These technologies frustrate employees, impede collaboration, and force productivity work-arounds that risk the very data you need to secure. They provide the illusion that your trade secrets, customer lists, patents, and other intellectual property are protected. That couldn’t be farther from the truth, as insider threats continue to grow. These include:

  • Well-intentioned employees inadvertently sharing proprietary data
  • Departing employees taking your trade secrets with them to the competition
  • A high-risk employee moving source code to an unsanctioned cloud service
What’s the solution? It’s not the hunt for hooded, malicious wrongdoers that you might expect. The new world of data security is built on security acting as an ally versus an adversary. It assumes positive intent, creates organizational transparency, establishes acceptable data use policies, increases security awareness, and provides ongoing training. Whether you are a CEO, CIO, CISO, CHRO, general counsel, or business leader, this book will help you understand the important role you have to play in securing the collaborative cultures of the future.

“In an era of sprawling cloud and consumerized IT, the challenge of security is not just to figure out who and what needs to be protected, but how to do so in the simplest way possible. This book drives this point home, and shows how to take friction out of security for users without putting data in jeopardy.” —DUG SONG, cybersecurity expert, cofounder and CEO of Duo Security, and cofounder of Arbor Networks

“This book addresses a problem that needs focus—insider threat is a very real issue that organizations need to grapple with and understand. It’s one of the greatest underserved risks in cybersecurity today.” —AMIT YORAN, CEO of Tenable, former president of RSA, former national cybersecurity director at DHS, and former director of US-CERT

“I never thought I’d read a book about cybersecurity insider threats that is actually—dare I say it—engaging. By illustrating technical points with compelling stories and examples, this book becomes a productive read not only for the CISO, but also for the CIO, the CHRO and the CEO.” —CHIP HEATH, author of best-sellers Switch, Made to Stick, Decisive, and The Power of Moments

“Today, some of the most pressing problems in security revolve around insider threats and data security. Code42’s book provides new perspective on these problems and how much more important they have become in the increasingly remote and distributed workplace, suggesting major changes in how we approach data security.” —MARTIN ROESCH, cybersecurity expert, creator of Snort, and founder of Sourcefire

“I’ve seen too many organizations feel they have a cybersecurity program because they have a few cybersecurity products. This book really shows how the care of your data is fundamental to protecting it.” —RON GULA, cyber industry pioneer; developer of Dragon, one of the first commercial network intrusion detection systems; cofounder of Tenable Network Security

“While many executives understand security threats from outside their company, most don’t protect their business from insiders. Employees lose, steal, or misplace data more often than businesses realize, costing billions. Inside Jobs is packed with powerful examples and actionable advice every senior executive needs to know in a fast-paced book that can be finished in one plane ride.” —DAVID MEERMAN SCOTT, marketing strategist, entrepreneur, and best-selling author of eleven books, including Fanocracy and The New Rules of Marketing & PR

“Data leaks are going to happen. Code42’s approach to insider threat detection shows you exactly what you need to know when your confidential data is walking out the door and what to do about it.” —MIKE WASSERMAN, security orchestration engineer at The Pokémon Company International