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You Can't Catch Me


A riveting new novel of suspense about a disgraced young journalist caught up in a grifter’s game, and the trail of identically named victims she uncovers, from the instant bestselling author of I’ll Never Tell and The Good Liar.

Assumed identities. A con game. Unwitting victims.

After being fired from her investigative journalism job for plagiarism, Jessica Williams is looking for a break from the constant press coverage. She decides to escape for a week to a resort in Mexico boasting no connections to the outside world. While waiting at the airport for her flight, she encounters a woman with the exact same name, who she dubs Jessica Two. Drawn together by the coincidence, they play a game of twenty questions to see what other similarities they share, and exchange contact information.

A week later, Jessica returns home and discover that large cash withdrawals have been made from her bank account. Security footage from the bank confirms her suspicions—Jessica Two has stolen her money. She goes to the police, only to be told that the crime is a low priority. Frustrated, she meets up with a trusted old friend, Liam, who is an investigator. When the two Google “Jessica Williams,” they get thousands of hits—Jessica was the most popular girl’s name in 1990 and Williams is almost as ubiquitous as Smith. Convinced that this isn’t the first time this scam has been run, Jessica is determined to catch the imposter, and writes a Facebook post hoping to chase down some of Jessica Two’s other victims. When she gets a number of responses, she sets a plan in motion to catch the thief, encountering a string of identically named victims along the way.

Then, the threatening messages start arriving.

Filled with incredible twists and turns, You Can’t Catch Me is a tantalizing, character-driven exploration of how far people will go to get revenge.

Photograph by Jason Mott (2016)

Catherine McKenzie’s I’ll Never Tell and The Good Liar were national bestsellers. Her previous novels have been translated into multiple languages. A graduate of McGill University, Catherine practices law in Montreal, Quebec, where she was born and raised. Visit her at or follow her on Twitter @CEMcKenzie1 or Instagram @CatherineMcKenzieAuthor.

You Can’t Catch Me has a saucy female narrator and an intriguing plot. If that’s not enough to lure you in, there’s also intelligent action and great characters. . . . One of Montreal lawyer Catherine McKenzie’s best novels. . . . If you haven’t already discovered McKenzie, start here and then try I’ll Never Tell and The Good Liar.”
?The Globe and Mail

“McKenzie serves up a riveting tale of stolen money, stolen identities, and stolen childhoods. First a victim of a cult, and now the victim of identity theft, Jessica undertakes a harrowing search for justice and healing. . . . A breathtaking journey.”
—?BRYN GREENWOOD,?New York Times?bestselling author of?The Reckless Oath We Made?and?All the Ugly and Wonderful Things

“McKenzie is at the top of her game when a former cult member finds herself mixed up in a dangerous, high-stakes case of identity theft.?Addictive and fast-paced,?You Can’t Catch Me?proves that sometimes revenge is sweet. McKenzie’s best book yet!”
— MARY KUBICA,?New York Times?and?USA Today?bestselling author of?The Good Girl?and?Pretty Baby

“An action thriller that just grabs you by the throat, and won’t let you go.”
—?Montreal Times

“The ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of the story that Catherine McKenzie smartly parcels out in ways that keep the reader on edge. . . . Supplies just the right allotment of mystery and suspense.”
—?Toronto Star

“Readers will marvel at the author’s inventiveness as the action builds to a surprise-filled showdown. . . . McKenzie knows how to keep the pages turning.”
—?Publishers Weekly

“McKenzie proves once again she is a master of the psychological sleight-of-hand.?Reading?You Can’t Catch Me?is like being blindfolded and spun around so many times so that when you?finally see straight you can’t tell who’s good, who’s bad, or who holds the cards. Unputdownable.”
— LOUISA LUNA, author of the Alice Vega novels

“Slick, smart, and ultimately heart-wrenching. McKenzie’s at the absolute top of her game in this suspense that takes the cat-and-mouse genre to a whole new, mind-bending level.”
— EMILY CARPENTER, bestselling author of Every Single Secret

“McKenzie never disappoints, and this is her best book yet. Her writing is fluid and absorbing; the characters are fully realized; the plot twists and turns with expert precision; and underlying it all is a growing sense of dread that I couldn’t shake until the book’s terrific denouement. Highly recommended for fans of psychological suspense.”
— CRISTINA ALGER, New York Times bestselling author of The Banker’s Wife

Grabs you fast and simply won’t let go. With break-neck pacing, a cast of compelling characters, and razor-sharp intelligence on every page, this puts all of McKenzie’s skills on full display.”
— MATTHEW NORMAN, author of Last Couple Standing

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